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Different pneumatic grease machine with the original grease gun?
  Pneumatic grease machine has been used in various industries, its main role is to industrial equipment, machinery oil. Because it is relatively safe, and relatively easy to use, it is concerned by more and more people. To introduce the characteristics of pneumatic grease machine have which of the following?
  The working principle of compressed air driven by pneumatic motor, to drive the reciprocating movement of the piston, the piston on the lower area is poor, and obtain high pressure fluid output, the output of liquid pressure depends on both ends of the piston area ratio and the pressure of driving gas. Both ends of the piston area ratio is defined as the ratio of the pump, and marked on the pump model. Through adjusting the working pressure of fluid pressure can obtain different output.
  Pneumatic grease machine another notable feature is the pump to start and stop a fully automated, work only need to open the gun or valve, automatic start stop grease pump; only when the oil or butter valve closed, pump will automatically stop.
  Pneumatic grease machine is used for special plunger pump transport of high viscosity lubricating grease, the grease the highest viscosity up to one million CPS, the output pressure of up to 40MPa. Because of its small volume, light weight, easy installation, low failure rate and is widely used in automobile repair shop, engineering machinery, industrial production line, port, metallurgy, mine and other fields.
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