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2010-2015 China grease gun industry depth research

      The twenty-first century, with the rapid development of China's national economy, China's grease gun industry maintained rapid growth for many years, and as China's accession to WTO, in recent years, also grease gun industry's export situation is gratifying, in 2008, the global financial crisis, China's grease gun industry has also encountered some difficulties, such as the decline in domestic demand, reduced exports, etc., grease gun industry downturn and the widespread emergence of operating profit decline of the situation, in 2009, as China's economic stimulus plan and the global economic recession, China's industry is also grease gun from the financial crisis gradually recover, re-enter the track of healthy development, into 2010, the prospects for global economic recovery faced twists and turns, the voice of the domestic economic restructuring gradually warming up, the rise of trade protectionism , butter gun industry, low-tech labor-intensive enterprises, the lack of brand development of export-oriented enterprises are facing a crisis, and focus on cultivating brand and technological innovation ability of enterprises will be the upper hand, grease gun industry enterprises to face the new economic environment and policy environment to develop its own characteristics appropriate to the current situation and development strategy and competitive strategy is grease gun industry enterprises in the next two years, China's economic structural adjustment invincible tide key.



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