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Low-end, mid-range, high-end features and differences grease gun

      Diversification of types of grease gun, so many buyers increasingly see blurry, do not know what kind of think we should buy a grease gun suitable for their own, and I just know in my point, that if a clearer understanding Oh, can supplement!

      Now grease gun with low, medium, high-end.

      First, we talk about low-grade butter gun. Like a low-grade grease gun prices cheap, but well, we all know, you pay for, relatively speaking either quality or appearance are greatly reduced, and low-grade grease gun is relatively shorter life, Selected materials also almost, so for the low-end of the grease gun I do not like is recommended. And my favorite is the mid-range recommended to the customer, the selling, the new presentation will be appropriate, because of the different levels of people demand is not the same thing.

      Grease gun like mid-range, we have several selling particularly well, the quality and stability, take our company grease gun for instance, generally mid-range quality grease gun and upscale certainly as good as mid-range Grease Gun previously just listed, but also of good quality with a good amount requested, but said a long time to sell, the general mold manufacturers put those costs are recovered, while the new high-end dual-listed, relatively speaking These will go down on the price, it becomes what we now call a mid-range of the grease gun.

      Secondly, there is a mid-range grease gun is a good side, like those high-pressure grease gun are generally for excavators, cranes, mechanical aspects of those large, outdoor work and effort, but also save time, but then, mid-range for the grease gun excavators, those of large construction machinery also easy to use, is not strong high pressure high pressure grease gun, large capacity, but the mid-range grease gun affordable, quality and guarantee, so that is not the pursuit for the new focus only on affordable Customers choose the best of the mid-range.

      The high pressure grease gun, whether it is from the appearance, or quality of the packaging are the highest level. High pressure, large capacity, packaging beautiful. However, the price is also relatively little higher.

      Like a pair of mandrels are common grease gun grease gun out of fuel twice Oh, so that for excavators, cranes, those large construction machinery like friends, are certainly like the butter gun. The installed capacity of the grease gun grease gun oil is generally twice or three quarters, which for outdoor work friends, do not want to always add grease gun cases, also non-elect such a large capacity can not oh.

      We all know, outdoor work, dusty, [we loaded grease gun accidentally do, a little sand or small stones into it, it was tragic, the oil is certainly not get out, so that, like mining machines, cranes, those large-scale engineering machinery friend, I suggest or choose a large-capacity, pressure strong, high-grade grease gun, and are generally used for cars, ah, those indoor friend, does not require the new circumstances, mid-range is completely can be useful. This is just a personal point of view, you can help on the best of friends.



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