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Garden hardware tools industry direction

      Garden tools in previous years, sold to farms or export as much flowers. But in recent years, people have openly entered the home. Its style and color also changed his usual monotone, adding a unique style, colorful products. In the China Science and Technology Hardware City court garden tools encompassing, there squirt gun, garden shears, pruning shears, lawn mowers and other products dazzling, everything.
Flowers, vegetables, etc. Some office workers into a new way of leisure, not only exercise, but also to improve the environment, harmless to harvest vegetables. These labor for office workers is actually entertainment, as entertainment, buy hand tools called inevitable. Thus, a variety of high-end hardware city court garden tools began to be touted, many consumers from the use of the concept is also rising for fashion, fine. Xinda garden tools boss Hu said that now people attach great importance to the ecological environment, a number of single-family homes or have around the house, as far as possible to cover the open space with greenery. Such as planting trees, flowers, etc., but a lot of people like yourself, not only to conserve the living environment, but also to exercise. This part of the consumer, often do not care about price, they value the product brand, quality, performance, the so-called high-end consumer demand for high-end products, is such a reason.
There are also many companies, unit demand for garden tools can no longer be on the line, but the pursuit of easy operation, energy saving, etc., not only to avoid waste of labor, and although the price of high-end garden tools expensive than the average, but because of its long life, energy the effect is obvious, the consolidated figure does not lose. If last year's introduction of a new store two-stroke gasoline brush cutter, not only has the power, horsepower and so on. And the use of diaphragm carburetor, improve horsepower while also effectively reduce fuel consumption. More accurate wind guide cover design, can effectively control the engine temperature, 40T alloy blade-free grinding durable. The new product, the details cited many high-tech means, therefore, even if the price is more expensive, it still can not stop consumers alike.
 Today, more and more high-end favorite garden tools is not without reason, as everyone knows, the more high-end products, its function is certainly more efficient, longer life, even if a little expensive, but you can reduce losses and labor costs, the overall count up with high-end products beneficial and harmless. Kingsford Garden Tools Distribution Department in charge of Ms. Mei, the traditional garden tools products mostly gasoline (diesel) oil machine as power source, noise, vibration is also large, polluting the environment, affecting the health of operators, more suitable for family homes , patio residential use.



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