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Grease gun use and principles

      With the current market competition was intense, grease gun styles are more diverse, but the basic principles are the grease gun was similar, while refueling nozzle is divided into two kinds of needle nose mouth peace with attachments is too soft tube and pipe both the. Grease guns are usually constructed by the * head, barrel, handle composition, the interior is from the cup, spring, steel exhaust screws and other components. Now the market appears in the grease gun generally prone to oil spills, into the sand, no oil pressure these problems, and this is the most troubling thing users. General grease gun is easy to spill into the sand that happen, a grease gun itself is the problem, there is a somewhat a novice, for how to use grease gun is not very understanding, operational errors cause grease gun is not good to use.
For the use of the number of failures. We can think of ways to avoid, such as sand, once in butter mixed with a few grains of sand, but this time you are using it, then it is pointed nipple guarantee you angry and threw the gun not the oil can Jiehen, but also for the equipment is absolutely no good, but all this is in fact in most cases caused by themselves. Therefore, we must maintain the cleanliness with butter, not with unclean instruments refueling, put oil containers must be promptly closed. Another is placed inside the nozzle layer 40 mesh to 60 mesh metal strainer, this approach is very effective. There is a failure in use is no oil pressure, in fact just in our oil gun which joined the air only, this little mistake we do not know how many inexperienced novice loss. Solution is of course not to Riga, air grease gun myself, but it is difficult for the novice, if it is relatively hard butter can be used to refuel draw type (be careful not to read the instructions on the method of counting able to suck up the oil, and is relatively static and then put a gun to shell trolley pushed down the middle do not have room); if it is very soft oil I generally do not adopt this approach (and certainly not against the others do not) While it is true to the oil sucked but the gun shell cut Paste is a gun, take a knife entered Pihui when refueling Do not add full jar, add to the side, leaving the channel, so that when you put the oil thrown down by hand when the air inside will come out ( Of course, the oil thrown down by hand is a good choice). The above-mentioned some refueling techniques, but in the actual use of them may still encounter inside the air without adding too good, this time we should take some measures targeted.
 I generally take the following categories:

1, if a hard rod, then you can pull the pole several times, making the air inside and greases can be mixed, reducing the volume of a single bubble Perhaps the problem will be solved, but the effect is not always good.

2, the most effective way is to deflate method, but this requires hardware support, generally have a gun exhaust port design, when you slowly open the vent screw when the air inside will come out.

3, the last tip is to get from a friend, he said, this method is useful is when you think there can not be played when the gas simply by turning the gun body and pump oil binding wire port or a few back and forth a few next (best side turn side pressure), ensure you success. Truth is not difficult, is that when you turn it, in fact, the gas inside the bubble is also turning to another site, the original site of the oil fill, so the problem will be solved myself. Surface if it is the gun itself, then it is generally easy to spill into the sand where the muzzle, etc., and this depends on the manufacturer's technology.


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