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Grease gun measures
1, if there is a hard pull rod pull rod, can be several times, so that air can mix and grease, reduce the volume of a single bubble may issue can be solved, but the effect is not always good.
2, the most effective method is to discharge method, but it requires hardware support, some gun body is provided with air vent design, when you slowly open bleed screw inside the air will come out.
3, the last one is the final level of skill, but also have proved effective every time, Jian repeated military exploits, when you feel that there are gas and can't play as long as the rotating gun body and a pump body with wire mouth a few back and forth a few (or is the best side to side pressure), ensure you success. The truth is not difficult, is that when you move, actually inside the gas bubble is also turning to another site, the original part of the lubricating oil is filled, so the problem will be solved.
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